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25 Jun to 26 Jun 2021

Five new works by four Taikoz members and the winner of our 2020 Women Composers Competition sit side by side in... SIDE | BY | SIDE!

After our shared experience of lockdown in 2020, the fruits of Taikoz’s creativity emerge stronger...

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What's Up?

Author: ICle

On March 27, Claudia gave a stunning recital of a suite from Chi Udaka (... with a little help from her Taikoz colleagues & cellist John Napier :-) This performance marks the completion of Claudia's requirements for the Bachelor of Music...
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Taikoz Celebrates International Women's Day

Author: ICle

Happy International Women's Day from Taikoz! Four of our super players - Kerryn, Sophia, Sophie & Claudia - bring great energy and creativity to the group, and from the positive feedback we regularly receive from our schools concerts, we...
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